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General Terms

The content of this website is subject for these Terms of Use by Lagawan.org under the Terms of service set by Crozland, Inc. No exception in person or in content shall be made unless and otherwise stated. These Terms of Use are subject to change anytime and is made accessible anytime at http://lagawan.org/terms-of-use/ or http://crozland.com/tos.php.

Lagawan.org is an affiliate of Crozland, Inc., thus Crozland, Inc. has the right to suspend, delete and modify any account, content, and/or other features of this website if any violation to these Terms is found.

Copyright and Content Removal

We respect copyright for intellectual and web properties set by you. All parts and contents of this website are subject for infringement by the copyright holder. Any content included, posted, and or shown in this website are only citation and use for reference only.

If you think that a part (or any content) of this website violates your own Terms of Use and Copyright Notice, we will be happy removing it for you. Please free to contact us anytime via email at [email protected], [email protected], [email protected] Please take note that we will also review the notice as soon as possible, in any case/reason that you will not receive any action from us. However, we will be sending you a notification within a week (span of seven (7) business days).

Name and Nature

This website shall be titled ‘Lagawan.org’ and shall be managed by Crozland, Inc. The Lagawan.org logo, a lagawan.org text with a Philippine map is the trademark of the network and is thereby subject to these terms. Unauthorized use may incur penalties set by Republic laws for copyright infringement.

The website can be access online in any platform with the domain lagawan and is managed by Nielbert G Malimit, Web Developer and General Administrator of Crozland, Inc. and can be contacted via email at [email protected] or at [email protected].

Sub-domains might be available and be managed by different intities of which contact information may be found on each specific sub-domain.

Service Description

Lagawan.org shall offer FREE and accessible contents in this website which may be embedded and/or cloned from different websites or fully owned by Lagawan.org or by Crozland, Inc. unless and otherwise stated. The use of these services shall be in accordance to the Terms set by specific company and Lagawan.org and Crozland, Inc. Purchases can be made with premium products and support.

User Profile and Management

Crozland, Inc. is providing free user profiles for users to access exclusive contents. However, Crozland, Inc. shall not be held liable for any damage or loss of data for the usage of such profile inside or outside the website. Crozland, Inc. and Lagawan.org will be held free for any password or access loss due to user’s negligence.

The safekeeping of these access codes is still the user’s responsibility. Crozland, Inc. has the right to revoke, delete and modify these access codes only upon the request of the user and/or the violations of this TOS.

Unauthorized user access and/or identity falsification is strictly prohibited. Users who are deemed guilty for these are subject for account removal and blocking from accessing the site. Unauthorized  users  are  subject  to  Company  disciplinary proceedings and/or  criminal and civil penalties  under state,  federal  or other applicable domestic and foreign laws.

Data and Site Management

Crozland, Inc. has the authority to store, modify, and delete data on its server anytime with or without the knowledge and consent of the publisher or the content owner.

Crozland, Inc. has the right to record your Internet Protocol (IP) address to ensure security and safe networking but this information will be available for administrative purposes only and will never be disclosed to the public. These IP addresses will be used for/against the user in any case the user violates any of these Terms.


This is a General Content website which means all users in any age or gender, nationality or affiliation, religion or faith can access this website freely as long as they comply with these Terms of Use.

In exception otherwise, some contents are restricted to group/s of individuals. In these cases, your identity and personal data will be verified to ensure your own security and privacy. You can view specific terms of use in every application (where applicable) or pages within this website. If you find any content unsuitable to you, you can always leave the page anytime or you can report any abuse to [email protected]

File and Media Sharing

Crozland, Inc. has the right to share and/or prohibit users from sharing media contents including but not limited documents uploaded in the website. In such reason, any user shall not post and/or upload any copyrighted file in the website unless and otherwise with prior permission of the copyright holder. Once these documents are uploaded or saved in the website, Crozland, Inc. has all the rights to modify, save, edit, reject/accept, and/or delete and republish the said content in the future with or without consent from the publisher or the person who uploaded the file.

Any third-party contents shall be still available but with proper citation and copyright notice that can be found anywhere in the website. The content name and brand shall be retained and will never be modified unless a debranding license has been purchase to rename the file.

Cookies, Location and Advertisement

This site may require you to enable cookies so that you can be reached by any relevant information within your interest. We will not disclose any of this information to the public but will be kept on the server between Crozland, Inc. and you (the user).Failure to enable cookies may delay any important information to reach you.

Crozland, Inc. will also ask you to share your location for identity purposes only and to provide you with the resources available in your locality.

Advertisements are made available across these sites; they are available to help us maintain our site. It is your (the user) responsibility if you click and access those advertisements. Crozland, Inc. will not be held liable for any data gathered by those links outside the website. If you found any of those advertisements as fraud or may entail security issues, you can always contact our security team at [email protected]

Maintenance and Privacy

Crozland, Inc. will keep all your personal information in private. We will never disclose any of this information to the public without your prior permission.

The site maintenance will be done twice a month to improve bandwidth and site performance. During these maintenance hours, you may not be able to fully access the site. The maintenance shall never exceed to forty-eight (48) hours and four (4) times a month.

Contact and Support

This website shall be open to public. The administrator can be contacted at [email protected] You can visit Contact Us page for other relevant contact information. This TOS was last modified on May 20, 2016 by Nielbert Malimit. This TOS was first published on November 13, 2015.