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About Lagawan

Lagawan is a word in Hiligaynon, a dialect of the people in the Western part of Visayas in the Philippines, which means the habit of going out or travelling. Lagawan is an adjective which defines a person who always likes to travel, wander, and/or explore. Pronounced as la-ga-wan with the stress on the first syllable refers to the person who likes to travel while a stress on the second syllable means the place where to travel.

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We believe in free press but we will make sure to be responsible with what we are posting. Any information posted in this site may contain opinions from its authors and shall not reflect the site as a whole. Our main goal is to provide basic information and tips all about Philippines which focuses more on travel. as a travel website uncovers all features and rediscovers the best of the Philippines. is a recreated name for Explore Philippines which aims to provide information related to Philippines. compiles everything from the top destinations in the Philippines, best hotels and restaurants, Philippine Literature up to Current and Trending News , around the country. Read while exploring the depths of Philippine History and its rich and unique cultures and traditions and rediscover the reasons why it is more fun in the Philippines.

Whether you are foreign to the Philippines or one that wants to explore the country, you can find helpful and relevant information which will make your next trip anywhere the country extra special. If you are looking for the best yet affordable places to stay in the Philippines, we have a list and reviews of hotels and inns that will not only satisfy your stay but will also fit in to your budget.

We have also a fair reviews of best resorts and places around the country that you will surely add on your bucket list. More than just reviews, we will also give tips and advices on getting to your favorite spots including the budget and iterinary. If you are more into events and parties, we have a comprehensive list of festivals and event schedules which you can take a look and plan a good trip.

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