I never knew how life is changing so fast until I was enrolled in high school. Life in high school is indeed the most memorable one. Its the stage where we try to discover ourselves. Unlike when I was in Elementary that my classmates were all the same. When you move up to the next level, you will be lucky if there will be transferees or else you will stuck with the same persons.

My college was not that cool. I made a choice with what to take in just a couple of minutes. But as what I believe, it is not with what you take but how you carry. College life is too wide. It is full of uncertainties and battle with that ‘trying hard’ moment. The only good thing with my college is that I have really learned a lot. Especially how to learn to love what you don’t like.

I should have not gone to college without the help of my uncle. I was to choose between a maritime college and college for teachers. Since as you may know, the tuition fee in maritime school is to high and my Aunt is not convinced enough to pay much for my college, I was left with a State University as an education major. But perhaps, teaching is not really in my line because as soon as I enter to take the entrance exam for the college of education, the slots are already full. Eager enough to get to college, we tried to check other courses with lesser applicants, I was given three choices in the Arts and Sciences — English, Political Science and Applied Mathematics.

I was given two minutes to make a choice or else my chances to go to college will be forfeited. If I took Political Science, there are already a lot who have enlisted and I don’t even know what to do after taking applied mathematics, and most especially, my lowest grades during my elementary and high school years are all English. So I decided to take AB English for one reason. This is a school, and I am here to learn. If I am not good in English, may be my four years studying it would help me improve my skills in the field. Luckily, with all the entrance examinations and everything, I was able to pass and I was like a puppy with my tomato English. Every day of college was full of uneasiness especially that I know that is was never my field of expertise. But by the time I realized that, it was too late. I am already enjoying it. From grammar classes to movie making, instant role playing, declamation, oration, speeches, writing a poem, writing a story and even unprepared reporting.

I have been telling myself to give up. Give up doings things that in my entire life I have imagined doing. Yet I keep doing it. I was like a water on a dried river. I just keep flowing even if I know that I might survive but barely breathing.

Four years passed. And those four years were filled with struggles and life changing obstacles and sleepless nights. When all the answers to your deadline-tomorrow projects are coffee and fries in McDo. When you have to go through as fast as you can a whole novel that was just given to you since you have to submit a report tomorrow about it. When you are forced to criticize a literary piece even if it is against your will. And most especially to find a perfect partner in your by pair projects.

Wearing my toga during our graduation, I was both happy and sad. Happy with the fact that I am graduating and excited since Sen. Santiago will deliver her speech to us. Happy that finally I have conquered a battle that I don’t even think I would have fight. Happy for at last, I would be free. But knowing all of the excitements and experiences in four years, I felt sad. I felt sad because of the fact that all that happened inside the corners of our classroom becomes a vast oblivion sealed with memories.

Every now and then, I am looking forward to the first day of school. And I realized that even how hard it is to learn something, if there is an eagerness in your heart, by hook or by crook, you will learn to like and love it.

So even if there is something that is holding you back to keep moving on, just think of the bright side and always accept no matter what happens.

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