Different types of trips that each of one is looking forward to.

Vacation Trip

A trip which is usually lasts up to few months. This is the most usual type of trip which does not require specific number of people involved. This is also the safesy trip as long as done in proper manner and condition, considering the location and the weather. The primary purpose of this trip is to relax, unwind and escape the busy and hectic schedules that you have at work.

Business Trip

In this kind of trip, the number of days that you will be out is limited, carefully planned and audited since it is funded mostly by your company to meet and negotiate with a client. This would mean that whatever you are or will be doing during the trip must significantly associated and related to the business.
This would at times require you to go out of the country depending on the business needs. Business contingencies may also require you to go back as soon as possible.

Adventure/ Trek

Though done in a short period, mostly just within a day or would at times last up to a week depending on the trail. This is the most enjoyable and most thrilling of the other types. Though this trip can be done alone, it is recommended to have atleat one travel buddy to accompany you. Extra caution is needed since this trip will test your stamina and your determination to finish the trail.

Party Trip

If you want fun while celebrating, then this must be a good trip for you. Though seldomly done because of some rumors that something may happen while you are celebrating something. Name all parties–birthdays, weddings, promotion, fiesta, anniversary, etc–as long as you have to travel.

Honeymoon/ Date

The most romantic so far. Imagine walking in a garden of roses or riding a boat in a pond of swans or even walking in a beach while the sun is setting down. Whether you go to Paris and celebrate the gift of love or just spending a day in a luxury hotel. Group date will be great but not with honeymoons.

Navigational/ Field Trip

While a navigational trip is commonly used by maritime students, field trips are usually most common to all other pursuits. The main goal of this trip is to get acquainted with how what you are studying correlates with real life.


We have enumerated various types of trips. We will discuss each item in a single post in next chapters.

Hope this would help and if you have suggestions, please feel free to leave a comment below.


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