Rau-Ram Cafe

Rau Ram Restaurant and Cafe: Bacolod’s Best Vietnamese Restaurant

Restaurant Rating: 8.5/10

If you have been looking for another delicious and yet affordable foreign foods, then you must try this restaurant in Marapara, Zone 1, Brgy Bata, Bacolod City. Rau-Ram Cafe offers Vietnamese foods that will surely make your dining experience delightful. The Cafe’s best brewed Vietnamese coffee which has been imported from Vietnam has captured the hearts of its diners to come back. Coffee is being served hot or cold and if you think that being hot is delicious, then you might think twice when you take a sip of it’s Iced Coffee.

Rau-ram Vietnamese Cafe Bacolod
The view of the cafe during day and night

The history of this Cafe can be traced back with its humble beginning in 2012 popularly known as Saigon Cafe. Started with a nipa and bamboo structure, the cafe’s success within the past years built a concrete and more classy restaurant that makes its diners crave for more. Inspired by her Vietnamese friend, the owners Sylvia Gerangue and siblings Andrew and Elizabeth Cadayday decided on putting up an authentic Vietnamese restaurant. Sylvia then religiously took an intensive three-month course at the Nha Van Hoa Phu Nu TP Ho Chi Minh or the Women Cultural House of HCMC when she got a chance to travel in Chi Minh City (formerly Saigon). Dishes of Vietnam combine ingredients that represents the five elements of the earth–metal (spicy), wood (sour), fire (bitter), water (salty), and earth (sweet)– and are usually called the nouvelle cuisine of Asia.

The dishes served in the cafe
The dishes served in the cafe

The cafe itself is inspired by Vietnamese infrastructure which offers its visitors a new way to enjoy fine dining. Its professional and well-trained waiters are also a plus and they are willing to take you a group picture as requested. Paintings and artifacts are the main decorations of the place with water fountains at both sides which creates a magnificient light effects at night. Main dishes including Grilled Shrimp, Beef Brashes, and Spare Ribs are especially cooked with the best Vietnamese spices including deliciously-crafted sauce with minimal oil and fresh mint leaves making Vietnamese cuisines as one of the healthiest cuisines in the world.

The dishes served in the cafe
The dishes served in the cafe

If you are more into snacks, they also serve healthy sandwiches matched with a Pineapple Lychee juice or your favorite soda. They also serve Pho Bo (special noodles) and Com Chien (fried rice). You will enjoy surely love their baluts dipped into a special Vietnamese sauce.

Rau-Ram cafe refreshing drinks
Rau-ram cafe’s Vietnamese iced Coffee and Pineapple Lychee will surely quench your thirst

Meanwhile, the restaurant does not have public wifi access so you can’t upload your pictures in your social media right away unless you have mobile data. The accessibility is also too low since it is really hidden in some part of Brgy Bata in Bacolod City that only a few that who knows the place would visit. We have tried walking up to there and we finally found the place with the help of the residents there. For you to order something you have to go ahead and carefully stare at the main blackboard with the list of menus they are offering. The wait time is a little bit longer but it is worth the wait. The place is really remote and this restaurant can’t be found or discovered easily but once you’ve been there you will love it. And one more thing, they only accept cash payment so don’t bother bring your credit card.

Rau-ram cafe Blackboard Menu
Rau-ram cafe has its own unique way of letting the customers choose what they want by using a big blackboard with the list of its menu

So, the next you will be in Bacolod City bring your family and friends and give them the best of Vietnam in the city. Rau Ram restaurant and cafe is open Monday to Sunday between 11:00AM and 9:00PM and is located near Marapara Golf Club, Bata, Bacolod City. For inquiries and reservations, they can be contacted thru phone at (034)708-9036 or like their Facebook Page. You can also send them an email at [email protected].

The rating is based on the survey result with the people who actually have visited the place based on their  and may not totally represent the quality of the restaurant itself.


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