La Carlota City is a 4th class city of Negros Occidental, Negros Island Region. The city is about 45.9 kms via San Enrique route and about 43.2 kms via Maao, Bago route from Bacolod City can be reached at about an hour and a half with a public transport. Legend has it that she was well-loved by the natives for her social works so that they named their settlement after her when it was created as a municipality near the end of the Spanish colonial era in the Philippines. In line with the Spanish practice of adding an article before a proper noun, “La Carlota” became its official name. On June 19, 1965, by virtue of Republic Act No. 4585, La Carlota was granted a city charter, becoming the only landlocked city in the island province. La Carlota City consists of 14 baranggays.

Guintubdan Mountain Resort, La Carlota City


Guintubdan Mountain Resort is government-owned eco-logical tourism resort. The resort is near the border of La Carlota City and Canlaon City. The famous attraction in the resort are the Guintubdan Spring, Guintubdan Pavillion, and the Guintubdan Falls.

Guintubdan Mountain Resort is situated in Brgy Ara al and is about 45 minutes from La Carlota City and can be reached through a private vehicle or a jeepney which has irregular intervals of trips.

Guintubdan Mountain Resort is divided into 3 major areas: 1) The Guintubdan Pavillon, 2) The Guintubdan Spring, and 3) The Guintubdan Falls.

The Guintubdan Pavillon

Guintubdan Pavillon is most popular for its being at the hill top overlooking a small garden and a natural forest which is intermittently covered a fog. Just below it is a 300-step stairs going down to a waterfall and at the other side is a kiddie pool. An entrance fee of P20 is required.

The Guintubdan Spring

The Guintubdan Spring offers a relaxing and cooling water to drink and to dive in. Around the spring are overnight and day cottages for rent. While it is free to enter the spring, each day cottage costs P200 per day and each night cottage costs P500 per night.

The Guintubdan Falls

Guintubdan Mountain Resort has at least a total of 7 waterfalls better than the Mambukal Resort with a little development. One of which is near the Guintubdan Pavillon, three are mostly visited, the other one can be seen from a viewing deck and if you want and permitted can be reached at about an hour depending your trekking speed. The other falls are minor falls and the other can be passed by when trekking to the crater of Canlaon Volcano.

Busay Oro

Busay Oro is the topmost falls in Guintubdan. The deepest point is 32 feet. Visitors are not allowed to swim at this waterfall and can be reached at about 20 minutes from the Guintubdan Spring.

Busay Abaga

Busay Abaga is just a 10 hour walk from Busay Oro. The higher part of it is called Busay Mayor. The deepest point is 7 feet and swimming is recommended here. The water is cool and when you can swim up to the second level, the water is much shallower there and would be better for swimming.

Busay Kapid

Busay Kapid or the twin falls is located just next to Busay Abaga. Since you can’t shortcut from there, the walking distance is to Busay Kapid from Busay Abaga is about 45 minutes depending on your trekking speed. Depending on the weather and the time, trekking down to the Busay Kapid is not allowed for safety reasons. The falls can be viewed from a distance through a viewing deck.

Things to do in Guintubdan Mountain Resort

Trekking to the Falls

You can trek down to the three main falls plus down to the 300-step waterfalls at the pavillon.

Swimming in the Spring

The spring is so tempting especially if you wanted to cool down.

Family Gathering/ Friends Bonding/ Team Building

The place is so nice if you wanted to hang out with your peers for a simple occassion.


The place is also perfect if you just wanted somewhere for your lost soul.

Tips and Tricks

– Durian Fruits are available on your way to Guintubdan. You can buy one on the road. Citrus and Lansones are also available.
– The water at the spring is potable. Yes, you can drink it.
– Tour Guides are great. You can have a guide for P100 but it will be great of you can add a tip.
– Tricycles and low-powered vehicles may have had hard time going down to Guintubdan.
– You can get permit at the resort to trek to the crater of Canlaon Volcano.
– If permitted, trek down the twin waterfalls.
– Don’t be a loser. Dip down or swim at the Busay Abaga.
– Tent Campers had fees per tent.

Things to Bring to Guintubdan Mountain Resort


Your Private Vehicle

The public transit going to the Guintubdan Mountain Resort is not that a lot. Few drivers may decline your request going there because of the uphill road. There is a jeepney going there but the trips are irregular and at times may not go there at all. Last trips for jeepneys are at most 3:30PM.


While they can cook foods for you, it will be best to bring your own. Look at our own recipe, the Ultimate in Lettuce. Naturally healthy.

How to get to Guintubdan Mountain Resort

To get to Guintubdan Mountain Resort, from La Carlota City ride a public jeepney at the market place via Ara al to Guintubdan Spring. For private transport, drive from La Carlota City to Ara al and straight to Guintubdan.

Guintubdan Mountain Resort Contact Number

For Reservations and Inquiries please contact the Guintubdan Mountain Resort at (contact unavailable).

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