According to the Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary, essential means extremely important and necessary. That means anything that we could not live without is essential. Meanwhile, school is defined by Oxford Dictionaries as any institution at which instruction is given in a particular discipline. With these definitions, we can say that school essentials are extremely important and necessary things used in any institution at which instruction is given in a particular discipline. These school essentials are not only limited to the papers and pen you bring to school. There are a lot of other essential factors that one has to prepare before going school and as I mentioned earlier, these school essentials differ from different stages and disciplines.

Here are the list of school essentials that every student needs in different levels and areas of learning.

1. Pen

There are a few beliefs about a pen of how useful and powerful it is. Even if used as a symbol or in linguistic called a metonymic adage, novelist and playwright Edward Bulwer-Lytton said in his 1839 historical play Cardinal Richelieu that the pen is mightier than a sword. It is also affirm by a few that the pen is the most powerful and important tool of all and sometimes it will define your future because without a pen you could not write; the you could not transact business. But pen does not merely measures success, it still depends on who uses it.

2. Pencil

Commonly used by primary schoolers to give them freedom to correct their mistakes before they fully mature and exam takers to change their answers in case they will have a better one. Pencils are also used in arts, since pencil marks can be easily erased so artist can easily clean their artworks. Since pencils marks can fade easily, it is not recommended for notes.

3. Highlighter

It is best used when doing a review on a thick reviewers where it will require you to highlight important matters so you could easily remember it. Most used during high school up to doctorate and even used when working.

4. Calculator

I am not sure how you could manually calculate the value of complex mathematical operations without a calculator. Though these are not most used by primary school students but advance Math courses that require this tool such as Advance Algebra and Calculus will be needing this.

5. Notebooks

These notebooks are really proportional to our school level. As we grow older, our books become smaller. Elementary students will need notebooks for each subject which are at least 12 per level but when you go to college, you will rarely see a student having one. But this is very essential since this is where all your notes are written including your love notes.

6. Bag

Whatever kind is its, a sling bag, a backpack, or a mini big, a bag as important as it is. It serves as an organizer for all your school resources, everything that I have listed above. Without a bag, you might lost one of your school essentials which is a mess to your studies.

7. Other non-material essentials

To finish your studies, you basically need for important factors: financial support, emotional support, technical support, and intellectual support. You can barely survive, though there are rare cases that you will survive, without one of these factors.

Financial support has something to do with money. Everything that you spend during the whole course of your studies. Emotional has something to do with how you handle stress and cope with different challenges that might come along the way. Technical factors has something to do with what and how you present yourself including how you dress up and how you want others to look at you. Intellectual support has something to do with what you learn and the learning materials that you need.

7. Mobile Phones

Now a days, mobile phones have emerged from a want to a need. It is a tool for communication, productivity, and entertainment. Since it is handy and portable, its uses are limitless.


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