Guimaras is known with its sweet mangoes and white and prestine beaches that are world-class. There are many spots in the province that you will surely love. As you venture and dwell into the beauty of the province, feel the presence of divine and holiness as you explore the Holy Family Hills in Tamburong, Buenavista, Guimaras.

Tamburong Family Hills in Buenavista, Guimaras

Tamburong is a baranggay in Buenavista, Guimaras famous for its sacred and divine Holy Family Hills that are visited by locals and foreigners during Christmas and the Holy Week.

Entrance to the Holy Family Hills is free but you may have to give some donation to help improve the road going to the facility.

The Holy Family Hills offer a great escapade for family as you venture into different carvings of saints and famous religious personalities. There is a map and a suggestive flow on how to explore the place to make sure that get the most out of it.

Along the road to the hill where the image of the Holy Family is located, you will be able to experience the stages on the life of Jesus and as you go through, you will be able to visualize the crucifixion of Jesus from the first to the fourtenth station of the cross.

Holy Family Hills

How to get to the Holy Family Hills?

If you go from Jordan, ride a San Miguel-Buenavista jeepney and ask the driver to drop you off to the crossing to the Holy Family Hills. From the crossing, ride a motorcycle to the Holy Family Hills. If you go from Buenavista, ride a Buenavista-San Miguel jeepney and ask the driver to drop you off to the Holy Family crossing and ride a motorcycle to the Holy Family Hills.

Take note that motorcycles may not be available at all times, better if you can get your own transport service or rent a tricycle from town going there. Estimated travel time may take up to a couple of hours.

Author Notes

You can stay at the Holy Family Hills for just a couple of hours. Aside from seeing the sequence on the events of Jesus, nothing much can be really done in the place unless and otherwise there is a mass on going in the place.

Check out other places you can visit in Guimaras and make the Holy Family Hills part of your trip. And oh, you can get souveiners along the way and do not forget to bring mangoes home.

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