The Ruins. With it’s historical features you will be amazed of how this dilapidated concrete mansion house survived until the contemporary times.

The Ruins     The Ruins. With it’s historical features you will be amazed of how this dilapidated concrete mansion house survived until the contemporary times.
Though the mansion was destructed by natural phenomena through the years, it’s foundation is still standing strong and time keeps the place as beautiful and as elegant as it originally was.
The RuinsThe Ruins is found in Talisay, Negros Occidental, a half an hour travel from the city of Bacolod via a public jeepney and a tricycle. The expense is worth the travel. For only PHP80.00 (for adults, PHP 40.00 for students), you can already experience the history in Negros Occidental plus while traveling, you will get a chance to see the sugarcane standing proud and representing the province’s main economic product.The Ruins will surely delight your senses and will arouse the romance found in a preserved house.The Ruins The mansion was built by Don Mariano Lacson after the death of his beloved wife Maria Braga and became the home of their unmarried children.The RuinsWith Neo-Romanesque columns that supported the mansion inspired by Italianate Architecture, the place is perfect for lovers who wants to unwind and celebrate their love.
This two-storey mansion is emphasized by the Belvedere which is a room facing west that allows the whole family to enjoy the view of the crystal waters of Talisay.
The Ruins The RuinsThe RuinsIn the early part of the Second World War, the skeletal frame of the mansion was reduced when the United States Armed Forces in the Far East (USAFFE), guerilla fighters during the Japanese occupation, set the mansion ablaze so it will not be used as headquarters by the Japanese forces.
The RuinsDuring these times, the mansion is known as one of the world’s most renowned ruin spot visited by different bewilders across the globe. The place is also the best hotspot for film-making, and documentaries shown in local and national televisions.But aside from it’s well known feature, the place is also ideal for special occasions such as weddings and anniversaries for at the side of the mansion is a wide garden surrounded by flowers and covered by the sweet Bermuda grass with the view of mountain in the east.
On the other side of the mansion, is a beautiful foundation that gracefully pouring its waters for the goldfishes on it. Totally, it is the place that would not stop you for clicking you cameras for souvenirs and memory of the place that you will surely love.
The Ruins The Ruins is always open to the public from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM and there are some restaurants that offer snacks (for a price) to the visitors. And if you also like to take time and do some leisure, the place has also golf course and two sets of giant chess boards. And if you want something, there’s a well there that’s willing to accept a single coin you have in exchange for your wish. And one more thing, You need to complete the scene, the dwarf needs you. NBGMALIMIT2014

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