Top 10 Places to Visit in the Philippines

The Philippines is a remarkable place to visit any time of the year. Its vast natural resources, the heartwarming smiles of Filipinos and the rich cultural diversity the Philippines have draws domestic and international tourist to visit its magically scattered Islands. Among the 7000 islands, here are the top 10 places to visit in the Philippines.

Camarines Sur

CamSur’s Caramoan Island was featured by “Survivor” to be its location in the Philippines was the start of CamSur’s fame. Though its capital Naga has long been named as the home of the Our Lady of Penafrancia. Its coastal waves are now making a good name in water sports such as surfing and wake-boarding arena, However, in the midst CamSur’s international exposure during the “Survivor” series, it still remains naturally untouched and giving its tourist a different look at getting lost in to paradise.


The second summer capital of the Philippines. It is where the awesomely beautiful Taal volcano and Taal Lake is situated. It has variety of zip lines, picnic parks, attractions, restaurants and stores. Plus the cold climate gives its visitors an unforgettable stay!

Mountain Province

Famous in the world is the Rice Terraces of the Cordilleras where mountains are bare handedly crafted to be a rice cropping land. Its beauty and artistry had wowed the world where it was hailed as one of the 7 wonders way back years ago. Now, though its drastic changes due to calamities and human behavior it is still in operation. The rice terraces were built by the Ifugao’s 2000 years ago.

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Home of the famous Chocolate hills, the endangered Tarsier and breathtaking white sand beaches. Bohol is a small Island Province in Visayas that is rich in beach water resources. Its chocolate hills are much known from all its splendid riches. It is composed of 1268 small mounded hills covered with green grasses and sometimes brown in which it is named chocolate hills.

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It is the home of the newly hailed one of the 7 wonders of the world, the Puerto Princesa Underground River. It is also a home for many natural attractions like beaches, underwater adventures, vanishing tribes and many more. If you want to explore Philippines to its finest, try to step foot to Palawan first, you’ll have a Philippine experience in its finest!


The northernmost part of the Philippine archipelago have the pristine landscapes, rolling pastures, distinct ancestry and undeniably not spoilt natural beauty that is discovered only by some adventurers. The people there have also popularized the “Honesty Store” where you can buy and take any food in store and leave your payment on a drop box or money box.


Davao hailed as one of the top safest cities in the world is the home and breading land for the Philippine Eagle and of course the famous and all-time favorite Durian fruit. In Davao City you will surely experience urbanization, organization, discipline and cleanliness to its finest. Mount Apo also lies in the lands of Davao. Davao offers a wild, mild and colorful life while at stay.


Cebu is the second stop for investors in the country, aside from the capital Manila. Among all the country’s provinces, Cebu tops the most religiously rich in culture province by its history. It was the first province where Magellan had landed and spread Christianity as to baptize the whole Island. Also, Cebu offers the most delectable beaches and natural spots in the country.

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Vigan, Ilocos Sur

If you want to experience a touch of Spanish culture in an Asian country, try to visit Vigan. In its streets lies the intricate architectural buildings and houses fully intact and preserved emphasizing Spanish regime in the country. It boasts with cobblestones streets are from 16th century. You will surely feel being transported into an era that has long been gone in history.


On 1988, Donsol Sorsogon was made prominent by the discovery of many whale sharks that swims across its waters. You can visit Donsol for an eye-to-eye experience with the whale sharks or Butanding. It is stated that the locals have been seeing these vast numbers of sea giants since 100 years ago and only this past few years they have proven that it won’t cause harm. However, it is still not advised to just go near these giants of the sea for they are kept to be wild and free.

There are other wonders you can discover in the Philippines. These are just the top 10 Places to Visit in the Philippines. There are still hidden and waiting to be discovered paradise in the 7,000 Islands of the Philippines. Explore and get to know more about the Philippines, because it is truly more fun in the Philippines!

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