Since OPPO F1S hit the Philippine Market, I had always wished for one. There are many reasons why I want an OPPO F1s which is beyond its name — the quality.


As a travel blogger and a technical support, multi-tasking is very important. The time is limited. Everyone is rushing. Time is important, time is gold, and time is short to be wasted doing things that are not worth it. So every time I go off work, I make sure that I have all my task synchronize between my computer and my cellphone so I can access my files anywhere at ease and convenience.

My mobile phone is everything. So when choosing one, I make sure that it passed a quality check and my standards. That is why I am happy to know that OPPO F1S has the features I need but unfortunately I don’t have enough budget yet to get one. When I got a phone before, I was to choose between the memory capacity and the network capability (nerd thing). I chose the memory capacity and I never regret it. Why?

Working as a technical support, I understand how a network works and since there are so many places I visit that lack mobile network coverage, I am always stuck up with my phone with nothing maybe just for a camera. With using your phone as a camera, you need more space so your pictures will be saved. With higher memory capacity would also mean higher RAM. RAM or Random Access Memory is a part of a computer system where most applications run and save its data file. Which means, higher RAM could also result to more applications installed and running.


One of the many reasons why I like OPPO F1s and want to get one is because of its performance. Having a 64-bit octa-core processor means I would not worry doing my work on my smart phone and with its amazing 3GB RAM, there will be no issues running multiple applications at the same. I can always switch between open apps so I can play a music or video while waiting for an email on the go.

Who needs an extra computer if you can do almost all the things that you do on your computer on your phone? Well, only if you can get your hands on it. 🙂

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