Kabankalan, officially the City of Kabankalan and often simply referred to as Kabankalan City, is a first-class city in the province of Negros Occidental, Philippines. Kabankalan City is 92.6 kilometers away from Bacolod City, and the travel time via public transport can take up to 3 hours. Kabankalan City is famous for its world-class Ati-atihan Festival, which is held every third week of January. The famous spots in Kabankalan City include the magnificent falls of Mag-aso.

Mag-aso Falls

Mag-aso Falls are situated in a remote area in Sitio Dug-anon, Barangay Oringao, Kabankalan. A 45-minute ride from the city of Kabankalan. The name “mag-aso” is derived from a Hiligaynon word, “aso,” which means smoke. Mag-Aso Falls consists of eight-meter twin waterfalls. The waterfalls seem to produce smoke, which might have been the reason for being called Mag-aso.

Mag-aso Leisure Camp and Resort

Mag-aso Falls Resort, formerly known as Mag-aso Leisure Camp, has been managing the resources and tourists coming in for the Mag-aso falls. The resort has been operational since 2004 and has lured hundreds of visitors each day. The sweet and cool ambiance of the resort and its hospitable and friendly staff make you fall in love with the place.

Mag-aso Falls Resort has a refreshing swimming pool that is suitable for anyone. The pool water is naturally from running water from the falls filling the infinity pool. The shallowest part of the pool is 2 feet, which is best for children, while the deepest is 5 feet, which is good for grown-ups. The use of the pool is free with the entrance.

If you want a place to stay for a day trip, Mag-aso Falls Resort has plenty of nipa cottages, which would cost only P200. There is no food available in the resort, so you need to bring your own. They don’t charge corkage anyway. Light snacks and beverages are available at the nearest convenient store, which closes at nighttime.

If you want to enjoy the nightlife at the resort, you can stay at the night cottage for P1000, good for 4 persons. A maximum of 10 persons can fit in the room. They charge P200 for every extra foam in case you need more. The room has only two beds.

If you need to relax, Mag-aso falls has an eye-soothing garden with goldfish and lotus flowers. There are also concrete bridges good for photoshoots.

Things to Remember when going to Mag-aso Falls Resort

  • Bring a private vehicle as much as possible. Being in a remote area, there are no public transport passing through the resort. You can get there through a jeepney and a habal-habal, which will cost up to P400 round trip fare plus hassle. If you decide to rent a tricycle, that will cost you a lot but less hassle, the cost of tricycle rent will depend on the headcounts. If there will be a lot of you, then you can always rent a van or go for your own vehicle instead.
  • Prepare and bring food yourself. You might not ruin the fun with your empty stomach. While there is an available store in the resort, it is not a guarantee that they will open all the time so better yet if you bring your own food good for depending on how long you would stay. The guard offered me a cooked native chicken for P500, which is too much. I declined since I am also alone and I can’t consume it all by myself. This would mean that they can also cook foods for you at certain fees. If you prepare something to grill, they have designated grilling stations which you can use. Cooking stations are also available.
  • Their overnight rooms have only a fan. Honestly, their rooms are not that well-maintained. The bed can be also good for a single person if you want comfortable sleep. Single pillow per bed and the blanket is too thin. The room is only enclosed with glass walls which can be covered by window curtains. And oh, they only have couple rooms available and the door locks seem to have been nonfunctional outside and can be only locked when you are inside. I also expected that the room is air-conditioned but to my disappointment, there is only one fan for the whole room.
  • Adventure at your own risk. No lifeguards at the pool and no guides at the falls. So go for an adventure at your own risk. The resort is not that dangerous but accidents might happen so be very cautious all the time. Never go or dare to swim at the main falls at night, the life you save may be your own. There is a stair going down the main falls, which is also good.
  • Low and Intermittent Network Signal coverage. Well, I am able to upload my selfies on Facebook and browse a few websites, but overall, the signal in the area is very weak and sporadic. Well, you can just use your phone for picture-taking and upload it once you get back home. If you insist, the north side of the pool has a little to good signals which you can use to upload your #ATM moments.

Things to Do in Mag-aso Falls Resort

  • Team Building and Family Bonding. If you are planning for a team building or just a family getaway, this is a good place for you. They have a lawn where you can place games or probably set up a mini-amazing race. The night is peaceful and can be best for strategic planning and team management.
  • Trekking down the falls. For mountaineers, this place is good if you love to trek down the falls. You can go closer to the pool and experience the mag-aso thing. I spent a few minutes soaking myself with the smoke coming out from the waterfall. You must try it.
  • Camping and Bonfire. Good news, they don’t charge for tents. So if you have one, bring it. I think they have a good spot near the main falls which is also good for bonfires.
  • Pool Dipping. Please don’t go home without dipping down the pool. The water is not that cold and no chlorine or maybe just a little, just fresh water carefully filtered filling down the infinite pool. The pool is not that big by the way.
  • Photoshoot. The resort is photogenic, from inside out. You can have a group photo at the main entrance with the Mag-aso Falls Resort name in the background or at one of the concrete bridges. You can also do some wacky poses at the main falls.
  • Burning Fats. Pandas don’t like stairs. That’s what I know from Kung Fu Panda; that’s the reason why there are no pandas at the resort. Stairs are everywhere, at least to make your trekking a little easier. Going back and forth down the falls five times will help burn that cholesterol.
  • Self-Reflection and Meditation. If you just want to escape life for just a moment and hear noises of nature away from the place you have been for years, well, this is good for you. Introverts will like the place, I did.

How to get to Mag-aso Falls Resort

From Bacolod City, ride a Ceres Bus going to Kabankalan City. Ride a tricycle to the market and ride a jeepney to the market in Dug-anon. Ride a habal-habal to Mag-aso. From Kabankalan City, you can also rent a tricycle, the fare would depend on your headcount straight to Mag-aso Falls Resort. Please ask the driver if they have been to Mag-aso falls because there are some newbies who will go for money but have not been really there yet.

If you are going from the south (San Carlos/Dumaguete), ride a Ceres bus going to Kabankalan City and just drop by at the Dug-anon Market and ride a Habal-habal going to Mag-aso Falls. Same routes will go for those who have their own vehicle.

Fees and Charges

Entrance Fee ——— P50/head
Shower Fee———— P2/head
Day Cottage———– P200/cottage
Overnight Rooms — P1000/room
additional P200/extra foam

Author’s Personal Experience and Notes

While I have been traveling ever since, this has been so far my first solo travel. I can say that I am satisfied with the place and my adventure was indeed successful. The place is not perfect, but it will not matter as long as you are with someone who will make your memories special.

I did a solo travel after a few friends declined my invitation to go there, since adventure can’t wait, I decided to go on alone. I was very careful with the people I met and I kept switching between my eyeglasses and my sunglasses. The moment I rode off the tricycle, the guard greeted me with hospitality. I did rent the overnight room alone since I want to experience a night being there to finish this post.

Mag-aso Falls Resort Contact Details


They don’t have email or telephone numbers, so for any questions or reservations, please contact their office at (+63) 928-594-6275. If you want to hire a vehicle, please contact our support group at (+63) 998-151-6297. Whenever you contact our support group, please always let us know that you get our contact information on this website to assist properly.

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