Getting a loan nowadays is made easier and can be done without leaving your home, anytime and anywhere.

Below are the list of loan applications that simply works especially during times that you need cash the most.

Get intimate with Tonik

If you need an intimate friend with benefits, then try tonik. Tonik loves endearment and will call you as if you have romantic relationship, but of course, don’t attach yourself too much.

Tonik is a digital bank, just like Maya but offers more. You can loan as much as 2.5Million for long term loan or 60,000 for loans up to 24 months.

You’ll get also free real-time Instapay transfer to any banks and e-wallets and savings can earn 1% per annum.

To sstart, just download the Tonik App and start your application. You can get your loan approved in just a matter of hours, anytime of the day or night.

Disclaimer: If you are in a relationship, please inform your partner right away before using the app as all transactions may include endearment, luv!

Mr Cash Loan

Mr. Cash, an inclusive-finance production subject to e-Generation Lending Corporation, is committed to contributing to building up a healthy, safe, fast, and smart financial ecosystem, further providing the folks with financial solutions to their financial difficulties with ease.

Corporate name:e-Generation Lending Corporation
Registered Business Name:e-Generation Lending Corporation
SEC company registration NO.2021070020523-12


Amount of Possible Loanable Amount:

For the first-time loan, the loan amount is PHP1.000-2.000. If you make a payment on time, you can loan up to PHP15,000

How to apply for a loan:

Just download the mobile app from the playstore and supply necessary data. You will also earn more cash if you use the following referral code for Mr Cash: HCYQWV

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