People like me loves to go places like beach, mountains, with friends and family. We like to spend time with our loved ones and go on an adventure, eat different cuisines, explore the places in the city, and etc. With this, I would like to recommend Kikai beach as one of the go to places in Negros Occidental it is located in Silay City.

Here as you can see the map going to Kikai beach. Kikai beach is a resort wherein you can feel that you are home and welcome because of people who are very hospitable, accomodating, and approachable. This is where you got to enjoy sunsets with your loved ones, while drinking, eating, and spending time with them.

Kikai, you will really get to enjoy taking pictures, and eating  with your friends and family. With the ambiance that it has you would really love to go back there and hang out with the people you love and get to enjoy the view, food, and ambiance and you would really tell that Kikai feels like home away from home.

It also has delicious dishes such as calamares, sinigang, dinuguan, sizzling squid, and most especially there sisig is a must try dish, and many more. They have lots of dishes that is very delicious and affordable.

Besides with the dishes that are mentioned they also have a “sutukil” area which stands for sugba, tula, kilawin – where you can choose  a seafood or meat if it wil  be sugba (grilled), tula (a soup dish), and kinilaw (dish that has vinegar and ginger). They also have a Kikai snack shack (Snack bar) wherein you can order delicious nachos, burgers, sandwiches, and other snacks at its affordable price.

They also have rooms to sleep to if tourists have no place to stay with great accomodation and a home away from home place to stay at an affordable price. At night people are enjoying drinking, and hanging out with their closest friends because of it lights and fun ambiance.

Kikai is a must go to place since it is very convenient to people to go there because it is only near to Silay proper. With this blog, I would highly recommend Kikai beach to go to with your loved ones and friends if you want a go to place and a home away from home experience.

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