The Philippines, more than its world famous destinations, is also rich in literature. Here are the list of Philippine Literary Pieces in English.

This list are still being worked on. We are continually uploading the pieces while manually updating this list. If you see the icon means that there is no article associated with the piece yet. The icon would indicate that the article has been created and thus the link is functional.

Pre-colonial Literature
The First Man and Woman
Why the Dead Come Back No More
The Origin of Lanzones
How Ilang-ilang got its Name
The Great Flood
The Legend of the Mermaid
The Kapre of Balete
The Legend of Tagaytay
Fuego de San Antonio
The Two Cats and the Monkey
The Three Phrases
The Ignorant Poor Man and the Priest
Pilandok Crosses the River
The Boy Called Juan Pusong
Father Rat Looks for a Midwife
The King and the Farmers Daughter
The Reward of Kindness
Too Greedy
Figurative Speech
Proverbs from Different Linguistic Groups
Folk Songs
Leron-leron Sinta
Bahay Kubo
Si Pelimon
Atin Cu Pung Singsing
Sarong Banggi
The Spanish Colonial Literature
On Good Manners
Blighted Hopes
Idarapata and Sulayman
Ibong Adarna
New Mentality
Literature During American Period
The Sea
The Fence
The Small Key
The Dancers
The Filipino Woman
A Son is Born
We Filipinos are Mild Drinkers
How my Brother Leon Brought Home a Wife
My Father goes to Court
Scent of Apples
Footnote to Youth
Philippine Literature under the Republic
Summer Solstice
The Professor and the Lady
The New Breed
A Teachers Tale
The Boy Who Never Learned
Violence on TV Can’t Compare to Reality