What is TWE?

Travel, Write, and Earn or TWE is a subproject of Project CUBE which aims to provide comprehensive information on travel destinations in the country.

Since the foundation of Project CUBE in 2016, we have strategize the development of the TWE in 2020 amidst the pandemic.

As we are gradually shifting to the new normal, the government is also opening business opportunities in the tourism sector especially that the Philippines is considering tourism as one of its economic strengths.

What to Write?

Project CUBE is divided into three major categories:

Lagawan.org CUBE – focuses on travel and literature

Malimit.net CUBE – focuses on business, education and enterprise

Crozland, Inc CUBE – focuses on technological development

Project CUBE is also integrated among the three. That means, you can write anything under the sun with any topic you like. You may also submit your document at any of the CUBE and you will be able to monitor all your transactions at whichever CUBE you logged in to. This means that the CUBE you logged in to does not matter as to what articles you will write.

How to Earn

Earning is easy.

To provide you convenience, you will have to write your articles in a Word Document Processor such as Microsot Office, Open Office, WPS, Google Docs, and the like so you can work offline.

Once you are done writing an article, just upload it in the cube. The compensation will be given as follows:

Quality of the Output – 50%

Content Structure and Organization – 30%

Conciseness and Brevity – 20%

The base pay is P100.00 per article plus 10% for each photos you attach. Only photos without copyrights will be compensated. Each time your article gets an approval, you will also earn points where you can avail perks of lifetime income generation based on article visit (you will be paid for every certain number of readers in your page).

How to Join?

Just simply head to Lagawan.org Project CUBE Portal at https://lagawan.org/cube/register

Fill in the required details. You will receive an email for confirmation and validation.

Once you have fully verified your account, click apply as writer in the CUBE’s Dashboard.

Print, Sign, and Scan the agreement together with your one valid ID card.

Email documents to [email protected] and wait for the verification of your documents.

Once you have fully verified your account, you may start writing and submitting your articles.

NOTE: While you are using Lagawan.org’s CUBE, you have still the freedom to write articles not related to travel or literature.

All articles submitted will be used and published by Malimit Network, Inc and its subsidiary. Thus, all articles may be assigned by MNI to its subsidiary as the legal owner of such article.

Quality Assurance

To ensure that all articles are free from plagiarism, a quality check shall be conducted for every submission. A three-strike rule shall be implemented incase there is violation in the QA.