“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”
-Benjamin Franklin

A famous line quoted from Benjamin Franklin suggests the importance of preparing of whatever you are planning to do. A plan is needed in almost every single thing that we do in a day even in making your meal or going to work. Just like the success of a meal, the success of a trip also depends on how you prepare for it. The more important the trip is the more it is needed to prepare for more.

We have listed here 5 Things to Prepare Before Going to a Trip which will guide you in your next adventure. This is a series of articles and we will update it atleast twice a week. You can subscribe to be updated or visit us once in a while.


Gather all the things that you can do in all you trips but never miss this one. You need to know which place you are going to. It is important to take note of its distance from your current location and what vehicles you need to aboard. As much as possible, get the contact number of the receptionist and book as early as possible to avoid hassle.



It is a need for all travellers to know what type of transportation you have to take inclufing the departure and the arrival time to your destination. Estimate how fast it would run and make sure to have your transportation ready. This will allow you to prepare to suit your budget.


Budget is important today and so in every trip that you will have. Even if it is a group or a single trip, or even an all-expense paid trip. It is important that you have your own money ready for contigencies. You need also to, if possible, prepare a budget plan that list all your expenses.


No one is an island. It’s really nice if you travel alone but it will be better if you have a travel buddy. This will allow you to minimize your expenses especially if in a group. And even if you are good with selfies, it is still best if someone will take your pictures for you.


I don’t know how  a trip would go without a bag in your back. It is heavy and it is understandable. A medium-sized backpack will do as long as you have ALL THAT YOU NEED in it. Just make sure to bring important things. If you are planning a long trip then you must prepare a bigget one. Count the days you will be out and the activities that you will do to ensure that you have all the things you needed ready.


Now, since we have discussed the first 5 things that you need to prepare, there will be 5 more coming in the next chapter. We will discuss each item in a single post in next chapters.

Hope this would help and if you have suggestions, please feel free to leave a comment below.


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