Aside from Lala’s agricultural based economic sustainability, the municipality has an agri-aqua boosting market as well. As it sits on the northwest of Panguil Bay, its people living in the seaside had gone to fisheries and aquatic resources to sustain their living.

In its coastal barangays there lays the abundant supply of crustaceans, a variety of alimango-specie or crabs. This is why and how Alimango festival was created and being celebrated for it brings prosperity and economic growth to the municipality.

How does Alimango Festival being celebrated?

Yearly on the 22nd day of March, Alimango Festival is being celebrated by the people of Lala, Lanao Del Norte. The festival is also for the purpose of the Department of Tourism to promote and enrich a community centered growth and sustainability of local tourism.

alimango festival

The festival is a colorful display and promotion of Alimango with its Alimango Street Dancing contest and agricultural trade fairs. The street dancing showcases the flamboyant costumes and traditional dances that portray Alimango inspired Ati-Atihan Street dancing as the highlight of the celebration. All week long an agri-aqua trade fair is being set-up by the locals to tailor tourist and the rest of the locality to a variety of seafood, alimango dishes and other goods from each barangays. And there are bands playing a range of music entertaining guests during night hours.  These activities had strengthened the bond and relationships of the municipality’s Lumads, Muslims and Christians.alimango festival

Other activities that tourists and guests should watch out during Alimango festival are Barangay Day which includes “Pinaka Contest” – a contest on which of the barangays have the biggest sizes on vegetables or alimango produce, Kasalan ng Bayan, Sports Fests facilitated by the Sangguniang Kabataan, Women’s month celebration, Teachers Day, free medical clinic, pageants like that of Miss Lala, firework displays and disco for all.

The municipality throughout the celebration only shows how competitive and lively is the locality’s tradition and culture. It shows how each different group of people is united by a celebration. Alimango festivals’ competitiveness to other festivals in the Philippines depicts the capability of the municipality to make their economy prosper and continually grow as to go with the fast pace economic growth of the Philippines. More alimango to catch, more alimango to celebrate!

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