Cangcua-ay Beach Resort, Tan-awan, Oslob, Cebu

Cangcua-ay Beach Resort Top View

It was back in 2015 when we planned going in Cangcuaay Beach Resort in Oslob Cebu. It was never done because of unforseen circumstances until last week when I got a chance to be with a team going here.

Cangcua-ay Private Resort
Cangcua-ay Private Resort

Cangcua-ay (Cancuay or Cancuaay) is a private resort in Tan-awan, Oslob Cebu. It is a 20-minute ride from Ro-Ro port via Dumaguete City and a 4-hour bus to the capital city of Cebu. The resort offers a relaxing beach and a good spot for taking pictures. The most common spot where you can normally see in search engines when you search for it is the calm and crystal clear water with a hamok. But more than that, there are more things you need to know about Cangcua-ay that you can never see in pictures.

Cangcua-ay as a Beach Resort

Back then, a perfect example of a Beach Resort is always Boracay considering the resources and the beach front. Compared to Boracay, Cangcua-ay has its own unique beauty as a beach that made it visited by many visitors.

Cangcua-ay Private Resort Benches
Cangcua-ay Private Resort Benches

Cangcua-ay is not a sandy beach. The rock formation that makes it beautiful also makes it a little bit thrilling as well as dangerous for those who really wants to swim. The waves are also big that will really drive you away to the seashore.

We do not recommend children or grannies going here unless they are good with adventures and they are willing to take the risk.

How to get to the Cangcua-ay Beach Resort

From Cebu City, ride a bus to Lilo-an and ask the conductor to drop you off to Cancua-ay, Tan-awan. From Dumaguete City, ride a Ro-Ro going to Cebu Port and ride a bus to the Cangcua-ay Private Resort. From Cebu it would take you 4hours to get there while you can get here from Dumaguete City in just an hour. If you have private vehicles, then that would be better to make your travel more fun and less hassle.

Food and Accommodation

Cooked foods are not available in the resort. So if you are planning to stay, better bring your own. The resort does not charge corkage so you can bring as much food as you like.

Cangcua-ay Private Resort Cottages
Cangcua-ay Private Resort Cottages

Cottages are also available for use and is already included in the entrance fee. Sharing of cottages is allowed and you can freely choose from the available cottages.

Cangcua-ay Resort Tent

If you want to stay overnight, the resort does not offer rooms but instead they will let you borrow tents, foams, pillows and blankets.

Cangcua-ay Rates and Entrance Fees

Entrance Fee
Adult (10-up) – P100
Children (9-below) -P50

Cangcua-ay Private Resort Entrance Fee
Cangcua-ay Private Resort Entrance Fee

Cottages are free with the entrance
No additional corkage fee

Swimming Gears
Life Jacket-100
Tents and Sleeping Utilities
Additional P200 per person

These are 4-person tent and include foams, blankets and pillows.


Cangcua-ay is famous with its stunning beach and awesome reefs for snorkeling. It also features a cave by the stairs.

Cangcua-ay Private Resort Cave
Cangcua-ay Private Resort Cave

The cave is not that impressive, but take a peek to it once you got there.

The hamok by the beach is one of the most visited part of Cangcua-ay which offers a great relaxation by the beach.

Our Experience

We took our trip from Bacolod City at 12 midnight taking the Kabankalan-Dumaguete route. We also have a chance to pass by Tanjay City and got our breakfast there. We got a great bite of the local delicacy “Budbud” which is famous in the place.

Pudpod in Tanjay
in Tanjay

Budbud is a local delicacy made of fancy rice with a chocolate and is wrapped in banana leaf, boiled and served. Best with brown sugar.

Dumaguete RoRo Port

At 6AM we managed to ride the RoRo going to Lilo-an port in Cebu. Then, we got a chance to stop by the Oslob Museum for picture taking.

Oslob Church
Oslob Church

Oslob Museum and the Oslob church reflects the traditions and religious history of the municipality.
Oslob Old Church Museum and Park
Oslob Old Church Museum and Park

There is a dilapidated building by the sea which will really have your cameras busy clicking.
Oslob Museum
Oslob Museum Park
Oslob Museum Park

After that we have a good stop at the Cangcu-ay Private Resort. We stayed there overnight with the tents provided by the management. We also cook our food there and borrow few utensils from them at no additional cost.

If you are more into taking pictures, then this is really a good spot. You will really get what you came here for but for the rest, decide it for yourself. And oh, there will be a 243 step stairs you need to take from the street to the beach and everyone going there is obliged to take that stairs. That is why we dont recommend this to kids and grannies unless they are willing to take the risks. [ 2016]

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