In Friendship, there is adventure. There is love. There is beauty. And there is happiness.

Photo taken at Tinagong Dagat, Mt Mandalagan, Talisay City

I was a sheep in a pack of wolf until I meet those people who painted colors into my life. Let me tell you a secret and find out why. During my elementary years, I had a best friend. We were the closest in our class and share things together. I was very modest at that time that I only speak to people inside my family and of course my friends. We were classmates since kindergarten and he always to the class while I am living the solitude of an ordinary student. We became friends in our fourth grade and since then my life has been twisted a bit.

We started hanging out on our own, sharing secrets and the stories behind ourselves. Inspired or maybe influenced by his determination to the cream of the crop, I was then next to him in the top list of class honor rolls. The next couple of years that we shared in our elementary years were unforgettable. I was the time that we build our dreams and journey together. It was then that I started knowing other people, going out with them and explore new horizons with them. My elementary years was indeed fun and full of adventures. There was once this hill at our backyard and on top of it is a small nipa hut. At the side is a tall tree wherein you can see the seas far away when you climb it. We made that hill our lunch portal and name it Little Baguio. We spend our lunch breaks on our Little Baguio with a few more friends every day until the nipa hut has been completely destroyed.

Our friendship has been tested and we prove it strong until the start of our high school years. In his will to be on the top of the class and me being just an ordinary student, we decided to give ourselves space and go for what we dream for. He started joining a group of well-known students at the class until we barely talk with one another. We are still friends but not that close anymore. I started living my high school life again as me and tried to conquer the heavy loads of being a high school student. While a famous saying goes, ‘high school life is the best’, it might be because of self-discovery, a stage when you explore more about things, and a transition to a more serious life. I no longer belong to the honor list in my high school years and it I never regret it.

We were taught in our elementary that going into a barkada is not good for personal and career growth. I proved them wrong or at least I am lucky having a good barkada. One thing that I don’t like about high school is the shuffling of our classmates. Every year, expect for new classmates. On my second year in high school, I meet a friend who introduces me to a new hide out near the river where he and his friends are playing cards and some stuff. I joined them on their sessions but not really get attached to them but at least my lunch is not that boring anymore.

Photo taken at Sadsad Falls, Guimaras 2009

My third year was a life-changing year for me. It changes everything I see life. It was the time when I lost my mother because of a colon cancer. Our family was a mess and I started living with my uncle. It was the time when I was to give everything up. Thanks to my very supportive relatives who helps us at least transition to not having a mother. Summer of 2008 when my mother was diagnosed with a colon cancer. She was bed-ridden since then. Because we luck financially, my aunt decided to let me stay with them and finance my studies.

That year, I met the three coolest friends in my entire life. First day of school and was a recess that time. I don’t usually go to the canteen since I have my own breakfast. But as I went down the stairs of the room, they offer me to go with them to the canteen and have some soft drinks. I refused. Yes, I am hostile. But they insist and finally got me. So, though I have a choice of not joining them, I ended up being with them every day. They are also computer games geek and since I don’t know how to use computer yet and I am also living with a strict aunt who happens to be our teacher as well, I am not able to join them. At least, when I am at school, my sorrow is lessened a bit because of my crazy friends. And at least and somehow, I forget that any moment from that time, I would lose my mother.

Everything was fine until one early morning, I was awakened by my aunt to visit my mother in our house. In the car, she told me to be strong and to accept what happened. Tears started to fall down my checks and trying hard to keep it and show that I am fine but as we came close to our house, the tears that I keep on holding fell down and that moment, everything I can see is my mother and I can feel that I lost my whole world. To tell the truth, I did not come inside to see my mother yet, I was in great grief to see my mother lying on the bed, lifeless. Days passed by, I was not able to go to school as I spent the days at home before my mother’s burial. It changes everything in us but I must accept that nothing is permanent is this world and that people come and go in or lives.

Next to the sad stories of my life, I was cheered up by my friends at school. That is the same reason why I keep going to school every single day. That was also the time that because of loneliness we make students’ mistakes. With my new peers, I was able to skip classes the first time, the second time and few more times. It was also the time when we learn to lie and go on an adventure. I felt that when I am with them, I have less to worry and no grievance and sorrow just fun and adventure. We have had the best days of our high school years. The time when we show strong friendship by copying answers during exams. The time when they save me when we go somewhere else and has not gotten permission from my aunt. We did not even submit outputs to our teacher, who is my aunt by the way.

Our last year in high school is what I hate most because I know that after graduation I will lost my friends again and if ever I go to college, I will learn to be alone first before I meet new ones. Never the less, they help me keep going. Inspired me the way I live and view things and most of all, enjoy the things that I have. I met few friends more during my college days and when I started working. New adventures everyday for every few friends that I have and though we may part ways, they stay forever in my heart, in my memories. And I am thankful that for once in my life, I met people like them who made me who I am right now.

Photo taken at TVC-STNHS, Guimaras 2009

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