Explore the City of Pines: Its More Fun in Baguio City


explore baguio city

The Summer Capital of the Philippines, and called, “the City of Pines”, Baguio is the most recommended tourist destination because of its cold climate. Sprawling above the Mountain peaks of Benguet Province, about 5,050ft above sea level. It was established by the Americans as their Hill Station in 1900 and is the only United States Hill station in Asia.

Getting There

It is easy to travel in Baguio, by air and by land, from Manila the latter is the best choice. Air travel is only available for private use. If, however, you go for a four-six hours joyride, a variety of bus are available as well as garage vehicles or other tour vehicles in the convenience of tourists and visitors. The journey is fun and exciting because of beautiful mountain views of the North, adding with an adventurous zigzag road, especially when choosing Kennon Road trip. Taxis are operating 24 hours. The best time to travel is from November to February until March where less rain and native fruits like strawberries are numerous.

What to expect in Baguio

When arriving in Baguio, the cold breeze and sweet scent of Pine trees are welcoming you. Many places are waiting to visit like breathtaking Mines View Park, The Mansion, the Burnham Park, and The Botanical Garden etc., The Strawberry Farm that you can pick and harvest your own strawberry. You can also enjoy the unique taste of different food, authentic taste, and native or gourmet food. Vegetables are very fresh, lettuce, broccoli, carrots are abundant. They are fresh from the farm, that you can enjoy picking your own.

Festivals and Events

If you want to capture the city-wide festival of flowers in Baguio, then you can visit the city in February where the Panagbenga Festival is held. This festival is tribute to the flowers of Baguio and a way of rising up from devastating effect of earthquake which struck Luzon in 1990.

Fees and Fare Rate

From Manila, regular bus fare is P450; the travel is for six hours and has three stopovers. If you’re rushing, special trips are available using a luxury bus, the fare is P750 with just four hours of travel, no stopover – the fare includes use of comfort room that is available inside the bus and one free sandwich.

Baguio has more to offer once you get there. It is one of the most places where everyone wants to visit for a vacation. It is more fun in the Philippines if you will get to Baguio.


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