Guimaras Manggahan Festival

Guimaras is an island adjacent to the Panay and Negros Islands famous for its world-class mangoes. Guimaras was once sub-province of Iloilo but has been an officially turned into a Province last may 22, 1992 headed by its own local leaders. The province has been known for its pristine and white beaches that has attracted foreigners but along with it, Guimaras has been popular for its sweetest mangoes that has reach the whole world.

Guimaras Manggahan Festival
Guimaras Manggahan Festival

Because of its abundance in mangoes, it has become the primary product of the Province of Guimaras. Only in Guimaras you could taste the first mango pizza in the Philippines along with it are more extravagant delicacies such as mango catsup, mango otap, dried mangoes, mango jelly, mango tart and a lot more. Thus, the province celebrates the annual Manggahan Festival.

The Humble Beginning of Manggahan Festival

Manggahan means the place of mangoes. Mangga is a Filipino term for Mangoes while it is called Paho in Hiligaynon, a dialect spoken in the province of Guimaras and Iloilo.  Manggahan Festival started its annual celebration since the summer of 1993. The festival is being attended by thousands of people around the globe who wanted to unite with the people of Guimaras in their celebration of mango harvest. Manggahan Festival is a province-wide celebration and each of its municipalities organize and celebrate its own municipal festivities called Manggahan sa Kabanwahanan. These festivities usually last for a couple of days before the month-long Manggahan Festival started.

Manggahan sa Kabanwahanan (Celebration per Municipality)

There are five municipalities in Guimaras, namely: San Lorenzo, Sibunag, Jordan, Buenavista and Nueva Valencia. Each of them has its own unique way of celebrating its own festivity usually held after the other and before the province-wide Manggahan Festival Started.

  • Manggahan sa San Lorenzo

San Lorenzo is famous for its newly built Windmills that scatters along the municipality. These windmills have been also one of the province’s source of natural energy while boosting its tourism. San Lorenzo has been also known for its salt-making industry.

  • Manggahan sa Sibunag

Sibunag has been renowned for its classic beaches that inspires and captivates the heart of whoever got there.

  • Manggahan sa Jordan

Jordan is the heart of the province. This is where most businessman gathers and trade. This is also where the Provincial Capitol and Hospital as well as the Museum stand.

  • Manggahan sa Nueva Valencia

Nueva Valencia has been famous around the world for its crystal clear waters and white sand beaches. This is a good place to explore the marine sanctuaries and see beautiful corals.

  • Manggahan sa Buenavista

Has been also the gateway to island. Buenavista has been known for its growing economy as well as its tourism with its fabulous resorts.

Manggahan Festival Activities

Through the years, Manggahan has never missed providing fun and exhibit of its culture, traditions and its bountiful mango harvest through its month-long celebration. These activities started as early as April and ends at the middle of May.

  • Manggahan Streetdance
  • Live Bands
  • Cultural Competition
  • Fireworks Competition
  • Mango Eat-All-You-Can
  • Agricultural Trade Fair
  • Sports Festival
  • Search for Mr. Manggahan
  • Search for Mutya sang Guimaras

Manggahan Schedule

Though Manggahan Festival is celebrated during the month of April and May, the date it is held differs every year. Below are the schedule of the month long Manggahan Celebration every year starting in 2015.

  • Manggahan Festival 2015 Schedule
  • Manggahan Festival 2016 Schedule of Activities


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