Head turner: How to be a Selfie Expert

When Johann Zahn designed the first camera in 1685, a different person was tasked to click it to take a picture. It was Joseph Nicephore Niepce. Centuries passed and people started to reinvent things until mobile cameras took into action with a flash.

Today, by the time we become more responsible for ourselves that we started doing things all by ourselves. That’s when selfie was invented. Selfie is defined as taking a self-portrait photograph typically using a mobile camera.
How To become selfie expert

Probably, you already know how to take some selfie shots. But the big question is how to become a selfie experts? Let’s outline things out.

Use quality handy mobile cameras.

While DSLR cameras are the best quality cameras, we can’t deny the fact that it will be hard to take a photo with that bigger lens thing. So, look for a mobile camera instead.
If you really wanted to become the most selfie expert, get the best quality camera in the market today. Try to get a camera that has the value for your money and that makes you look good in your selfies. That is possible with the Oppo F1S. Oppo Selfie phone that is designed for selfie experts and those who aspired to be.

Look for an object


Selfie taken at Campuestohan Highland Resort, Talisay City

You are already a subject, try looking for an object. Try taking a selfie on a clean comfort room mirror. Or take a selfie with your life-size teddy bear or your cutie puppy. That makes your photo less boring and more life!

Smile or Frown?


Selfie taken during our Tinagong Dagat Hike at MT Mandalagan, Talisay City

If you are one of those who have good braces, smile and show that fence. You can also fake your face emotions. Don’t be hesitant, try take selfies with different emotions and who knows, you might be one of the big stars.

Take multiple shots

How To become selfie expert 2

Multiple Shots Selfie taken at Isla Gigantes, Carles

One is boring. Two is not enough. Three is not good enough. And so why take only four photos when you can take multiple ones. To tell you my friend, Oppo’s internal memory can save you hundreds of photos. After then, you can choose which ones are good and create a collage. Oh see? Feels like an expert.

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how to become selfie experts

A Groufie at Canlaon Road, Canlaon City

Don’t be afraid of those bullies who tells someone who’s taking selfies a narcissist. Well, you should not in moderation. So after your creative self-portraits, go ahead and upload them on instagram or twitter. And hey, don’t forget to follow me.

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