It was over a year ago when I first step on the white sand of Lakawon Island Resort in Cadiz Viejo, Negros Occidental.
lakawon island

During that time, the island had suffered devastation caused by the storm. Trees had fallen, the sand had collapsed into the sea.

The New Lakawon Island Resort and Spa

lakawon island

In our visit just this week, we were able to explore the new Lakawon Island and it has improved too much since our last visit there a year ago.

Memories flashed back when I saw the beach but I will not talk about our memories there. The truth is, the cottages we had stayed there a year ago has been closed as the land becomes a private property. The development was made on the other half of the lakawon island where umbrella cottages and nipa cottages are built.

They have also beach football and beach volleyball areas for sports persons who wants to savour their island adventure.

A large restobar also offers refreshing drinks and sumptous meals to their guests.

There are also plenty of nipa night cottages for those who wanted to stay overnight.

If you are more of a good camper, they have also tents available.

The comfort rooms are also classy. You can choose to shower outside or in their comfort rooms.

Want to grill ssomething? No problem, they have now centralized grilling station.

If you wanted to stay just on top of the water, be like a boss with their floating cottage.

The sea bridge is also a mark. Take your photos over or under the bridge, or you can take photos on both.

Party people? A stage has been also put up so you can host a party or a program.

Explore Lakawon Island Resort for Just P500

Our trip is unplanned. I mean, we are so spontaneous to decide to go there an hour before our trip. We only paid the required charges and the charges for the gasoline with our own car.

Lakawon Island Resort Cadiz City Rates

Required Charges
Pumpboat ————– 150 (Rountrip)*
Terminal Fee ———- 20
Entrance Fee ———- 100
Total —————– 270
*Boat schedule is 5AM – 5PM only, otherwise you will be charged for a special trip

Other Charges
Special Boat Trip —- 1000/ten persons**
Corkage —————— charged per unit
Parking Fee ———— 75/night
**Special boat trips applies after 5PM

Boat Fee for Groups***
1-4 persons ————- 1000
5-7 persons ————- 1200
8-10 persons ———– 1500
***For Special Group Round Trip

Tent ————————– 300/head
Umbrella Huts ———– 600****
Family Cottage ———- 1200****
Bamboo House ——— 2500*****
**** Umbrella Hut is good for 1-6 persons and Family Cottage is good for 1-10 persons, 100/exceeding guest; For daytime use only
***** For overnight use; good only for 1-4 persons; 300/extra guest

How to get to Lakawon Island Resort Cadiz City

From Bacolod City, ride a jeepney or taxi to Northbound Terminal. Jeepneys that has the Northbound Ceres Terminal Routes are Bata, Mandalagan, and Northbound Terminal Jeep. If you came from Iloilo City, there is a special jeepney there for P25.

From Northbound Terminal, ride a Ceres Bus with Cadiz City route then stop at Burgos Ceres Terminal in Cadiz Viejo. Once you got to Burgos Terminal, just ride a tricycle going to Cadiz Port.

Pay required fees at the cashier and ride a pumpboat going to the island. Estimated time of travel is 2.7 hours with minimal stopping.


Note: These charges are based from Bacolod City to Lakawon Island rates. Rates may vary depending on your type of transport. Solo travellers can just commute while group tours will be best with personal service or a rented one. Please let us know in comments if you wish to rent a van, send us an email at [email protected] or like and message us on Facebook at or may also use our ticketing system for inquires.

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