I dont know where I should start my story, but nonetheless, what I experience tonight leave a serious impression in my mind about travelling alone especially in such cruel world. I would not blame the government for this, but at least this would leave and grave a human awareness among us.

I woke up as early as 6AM to do my laundry, at noontime, I am expected to meet my siblings in Iloilo City to watch The Jungle Book. Well, my plan goes fine, not until I decided to go home. We had our lunch at 12 NN but because of the queue of restuarants we finished at almost 2PM. The movie is scheduled to play at 2:40PM but we already got in at 2. I’d love to see the advertisements, that’s why.

The movie was really fine, I enjoyed it. We were done watching by 4PM then we went on to have some groceries. We have everything done by 4:45PM. Since my friends in Bacolod City wanted to have some pasalubong and I cannot find any in the city, I decided to have a little trip to Guimaras for some mango delicacies. But too bad, the pasalubong center is already closed.

Disappointed as my friends, I asked apology and then started my journey back to Bacolod City thinking that I have some tasks to do. I arrived in Iloilo City by 6 PM, but hey, I am surprised because I cannot find any taxi. The last trip for fast crafts going to Bacolod City is always at 6PM which means no fast craft for me.

I can’t live without options, its either I would stay for a night in Iloilo City or bound to Bacolod via RoRo. Determined to finish my work left in Bacolod and the activities I have set the next morning, I decided to go to Bacolod by hook or by crook. Anyway, I am used to travelling alone and I have done this like a couple of times.

So I waited for a taxi because I am afraid to be lost again because I am not used to the jeepney routes in Iloilo City. Wow, a great city without a taxi. I waited an hour, calling taxi operators, and trying to GrabTaxi but no avail. When I decided to give up though, my booking with Grab went through. That was like 20 tries.

The driver was good, he taught me how to use the app well but take several routes to the terminal. And he tried charging me with booking fee. So 2 stars for him, for at least teaching me how to make use of the notes with the Grab App.

Unsurprisingly, when I got to the terminal, there are no more jeepneys going to Dumangas. There are a few other passengers waiting for a transport service going to Dumangas, so I am not alone.

We waited for a bit for the last trip of jeepney from Dumangas but no avail. We took a taxi instead, six of us shared a taxi for P50 each. Not bad. What happened next freezes my humanity, it numbs me with my exhaustion and determination.

A local, about 40 years old, was with me in the taxi and convinced me to pay additional P150 for a direct trip to the RoRo port, which is just like a 20 minute travel. The girl beside me gave a sign of disagreement so I tries negotiating to lower down the rate. We agreed at an additional of P100 which is fine with me. So we agreed.


He wanted to go with the taxi but when he realized that the taxi will not be going back to the town again, he changed hia mind and handed me to his motorcycle driver instead. Which is fine with me since the taxi driver will be going home anyway. I tried asking a nearby motorcycle driver while he was looking for his brother  and I know he was lying like hell.

I am fine and cool. Though he was mad at the other driver for entertaining me. Since he got me first, then I have to go for him, what I don’t understand is, he went with me to the port. I sense everything, I can feel his hands scanning through my pants. But stopped when he found out that I have my wallet secured through my thighs. He tried to check on the zips of my bag but I have my bag secured with my hands as well.

I am calm. I never show any fear with me. Its not my place anyway and I would lose if I would show any fear. Midway, I feel something would happen but fortunately, another motorcycle is following at the back. I feel safer. He asked his brother to slow down and let the motorcycle at the back overtake us. They run slower but the motorcycle behind slows down as well.

He was so annoyed by the other motorcycle driver and I arrived the port safely. I paid a hundred pesos and thank them of the service though I am really shivering with nervous.

No offenses. Nothing bad happend to me and at least, I might have given him two stars for the accommodation. I did want to report the incident to the authorities but I have no strong evidence and nothing really bad happend to me. There are real aswang in Dumangas and there are a few exist everywhere.

These aswang does not eat flesh but destroy humanity. They make the world feel unsafe. With whatever that might have happen, I have emergency back up of my data and at least I have trusted people that I am sharing with what I am doing.

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