Filipinos enjoy holidays and even look closely to some declared holidays of the year. This is because for Filipinos, holidays are not just celebrating with the whole nation the events that has been commemorated on those dates but it is also the time of the year that they’ll be able to spend time with their family and friends. It also reflects our country’s history and culture as a whole. Here are top 3 of the most celebrated Holidays in the Philippines.

Philippine Independence Day Celebration

Since 1962, June 12 has been declared as the Philippines National day. This is in the commemoration of independence of the Republic from Spanish colonization on June 12, 1898 after 333 years. Activities are lined up throughout the day and is leaded by the government officials and participated by all the Filipinos.

Mostly, the celebration starts with a Municipal parade in every town in the country. This is composed of the towns schools, public and private companies as well. You will notice that in every house there are Philippine flag that has been displayed during the event. This is to show their participation and gratitude to the independence that the country has now experiencing. The municipal parade will then be followed by a program opening with the singing of the Philippine National Anthem.

Christmas Season

The Philippine population is composed mostly of Christians. Most of whom that celebrates the Christmas with the whole world. Christmas is the birth of Jesus Christ; which Catholics believe to be their savior. It is the merriest celebration in the country.

The preparation of the coming starts on the 16th day of the same month as a dawn novena masses. On the 24th day of December, a Eucharistic Mass is early heard to welcome the coming of the Savior on the 25th of December. After the Eucharistic mass, a Noche Buena is held by every family. Togetherness, love, unity, repentance and joyfulness is celebrated during this season.

New Year Celebration

Who would not be excited for a new year? A new chance to live a happier and prosperous year! Filipinos welcomes the year with a Mass and many other traditional rites that they believe to held true to have a new year of abundance.

To some kids, they jump and jump as the clock ticks 12 midnight, this is believed to add inches to their heights. Filipinos also use firecrackers to shoo away bad elements that goes with the turning of the year. They prepare Tikoys – to strengthen the bonds of families and fruits that are rounded – to attract money.

It is evident in the above list, the character that every Filipino depicts, that is unity and love for the other and for the country. Hopefully, Filipinos will continually celebrate and be grateful of this holidays they celebrate throughout the years to come.

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