Christmas is the most celebrated and longest festivity celebrated by Filipinos all around the country and all over the world. The first Christmas celebration can be traced a thousand years back when Jesus was born in Bethlehem. Since then, Christmas became a part of Christian tradition which then is associated with peace, happiness and a family gathering.

In the Philippines, Christmas countdown started when the ‘ber’ months commence. Then, after the holloween, there comes the festive decoration for Christmas. Then there will be a misa de gallo where a series of morning masses or simbang gabi is held. On the 24th day of December or also known as the Christmas Eve is where Families go to church together and commemorate the birth of our saviour Jesus Christmas. On that night, is also a bountiful feast for the whole family, where there are foods in the table and a joyous exchanging of gifts.

Making your Christmas Holiday Special

The most exciting part of this season is when good foods are serve and special gifts are received. Yet, the best gift of all is those serves with love and peace. Make Christmas Holiday Special with De’Longhi Food and Beverage machines.


De’Longhi has everything you need; from coffee makers to Fryer and Multi-cooker. Each product is carefully engineered to perfectly suit the needs of every household making this Christmas Holiday a season to be celebrated for.

My De’Longhi Christmas Wishlist

Amongst all De’Longhi Products, here are the top three that I like the most. I based this list on the quality of each product and thier use and importance (well, all De’Longhi products are).


Preparing food for Christmas season is easier and more convenient with this DeLonghi Low-oil fryer and Multicooker Multifry Extra FH1363. It is capable of up to 1.7 Kg of fresh potatoes to peel and 1.5 Kg of frozen potatoes without adding oil. It has an advanced digital control panel with recipes selector knob which allows you to choose what food you wanted to cook. It is also safer to use since it is using a low heating element technology.

having this as part of your household will surely give your family awesome meals that they will enjoy whatever the celebration may be.


Electric BBQ Grill 500C offers a unique feature that allow to have a real healthy cooking. It is made of Ceramic Durastone which guarantees high thermal conductivity, excellent plate uniformity of temperature and high resistance anti-scratching. It has also an integrated fat collector with a big capacity to help the fat collection. It is dishwasher-safe so cleaning the fat collector is easier.

Having this cooking equipment at home lessens the smoke caused by traditional BBQ grills. This also ensures that your BBQ is properly and thoroughly cooked for healthier meal this season.


Sfornatutto Pangourmet is a compact, fan-assisted oven for everyday use. With 6 cooking functions including fan-assisted, traditional and grill functions, it is perfect for making tasty first courses, delicious second courses and amazing desserts every day: ideal for everyday use and to enhance your cooking experience. Pangourmet has a practical internal light and special glass door that provides an excellent view of the entire oven cavity with no interference from oven door handle. MORE THAN AN OVEN not only cooks, it mixes, rises and bakes automatically. The sweet fragrance and welcoming aroma of freshly baked bread that fills the house all day long: the new De’Longhi oven is all this and more. Sfornatutto Pangourmet can be used to prepare delicious first courses or tasty second courses and mixes, rises and bake automatically bread, cakes, pizza and jam/marmelade.

Having special features making it work more than like an oven, having this equipment will lessen preparation for regular cook times by mixing and baking your favorite breads and cakes automatically so you will have more time for your family.

Spend your Christmas Holiday with your Family

Gather around the dining table, enjoy the food served (with the special help of DeLonghi Products), and celebrate the good life ahead of you. Wishing you and your family good health and be successful with whatever endeavor and challenges you may have in the future. Cheers! Merry Christmas.

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