The Philippines is bombarded with beautiful places to experience summer. Whether you want it simple, warm, wet and wild or full of adventure and extreme activities, the Philippines has all in store for whatever you are up to.

One of the best Islands for summer escapades the Philippine has is the province of Bohol. Bohol is located at Central of Visayas region. It is on the East of Cebu, Southwest of Leyte and North of Mindanao. It is just a small Island encircles with coastal waters. Most of its people are in agriculture and fisheries for there are only few industries that have been built in the province.

Though most Boholanos tend to search their luck and build their career outside Bohol because of its lack of industries that could cater their professionals, Bohol have to thanks its natural resources that it has been one of the most popular tourist destinations for tourist and foreigners.

Chocolate Hills

Ever wonder what chocolate hills are? Well, you will definitely have to see it for yourself! Chocolate Hills is not literally hills that is made out of chocolates but geological formation of hills that are scattered for about 50 square kilometers wide of about 1,268 up to 1, 776 in numbers. Usually the hills are covered with green grasses but during dry or summer seasons the grasses die and it turn to a chocolate brown color, in which what and how the name is given. The hills mound lies more in the localities of Sagbayan, Batuan and Carmen and a portion in Bilar, Sierra, Bullones and Valencia.

At Sagbayan Peak

A legend states that the geological formation of the chocolate hills was because of the two giants who are throwing rocks, soils and sands to each other. Their feud lasted for days which left them drained to sleep. As they have recovered they become friends and hey left the place without cleaning the mess they have made, and that’s how mounds of chocolates were made.

Another legend sates that a giant named Agoro fell in love with a beautiful mortal named Aloya. When Aloya died Agoro can’t stop the agony he felt and cried and cried. Upon the end of his sorrow, the ground where he kept on crying was all wet up and that when it dried it formed the hills.

You will get awed and asked yourself how this scenery was formed and how powerful the creature must be upon seeing the chocolate hills. Arriving at the chocolate hills complex, you will be welcomed with souvenir shops and a hill side to climb up an exact spot where you can have the best view of the hills. Truly a magnificent view!

How to get to the Chocolate Hills of Bohol?

Via Bus from Tagbilaran to Chocolate Hills Complex

  1. Go to Dao Bus Terminal situated beside Island City Mall.
  2. Tell the driver to drop you off the Chocolate Hills Complex in Carmen.
  3. If you are coming from Tagbilaran the Complex gate is found at the right side of the road.
  4. The fair is around PPHP60 and it will take you almost 2 hours of travel.

Things you can do at Chocolate Hills Adventure Park (CHAP)

Outdoor Adventures

The adventure parks literally offer its visitors activities that will test not only their endurance but as well as their ability to cope up with heights. You don’t need a definite skill to go over the challenges on the CHAP. The CHAP however, makes sure that they make use of the best and standardized quality for their equipment’s. Here are the things you can enjoy in their outdoor adventures:

The Rush (Bike Zip): PHP 400

The Snake Ladder (Tree Top RCA): PHP 200

The Pentagon (Tree Top RCB): PHP 350

Gymnaskids (Child Rope Course): PHP 300

Exploring the woods

Aside from the outdoor activities that the CHAP has to offer it is also a hotspot for a healthy and natural ecological forestry. This is somehow excellent for educational and nature trips. The park is cared and maintained as natural as possible without interrupting the ecosystem in the locality. You can notice though, species of trees and flowers that are seen in the area are carefully provided of name tags so that adventurers can identify each of them.

Get closer to the Wild Life

Another activity you can do in the CHAP aside from the outdoor activities and the ecological experience of its opulent greeneries you can also adventure to the wild with the rich vegetative habitat for the wildlife. It has faunas and serpentarium houses that you can experience while in there.

If you want to experience a different wave (away from the beach) of summer the CHAP can definitely give you what you are looking for. You can enjoy its outdoor adventures with family and friends, and especially your kids. You can go camping and test your adrenaline.

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