Patag Mountain Resort, Silay City

Patag Pine Trees Silay City
Patag Mountain Resort is a community-based group of resorts consisting different resorts owned and managed by different private and local residents. The most known resort in Patag is ‘Ladlad’ which is located at the higher part of the mountain being it known to be the last resort before trekking to the waterfalls. There are two main waterfalls in Patag–the ‘Dumalabdab’ and the ‘Dam’. Dumalabdab is farther than the Dam which are approximately 15 minutes and 30 minutes walk respectively. Dumalabdab is a bigger falls which the name suggests a raging wild water flow. The road to the main falls is steep and my cause danger so it is advised to be careful and if possible hire a tour guide for a safer trip.

Patag Silay City Falls

The dam falls is what they call a double layer falls and it has a bowl-shape bathing place with it. The falls is called the dam because it is being converted as a dam to irrigate the plantation in the place and also to serve as a water source to the residence.

How to get to Patag Mountain Resort?

Patag is an hour ride from Silay City with a public jeepney that will cost you P45.00. Since Patag is in the most remote place in Silay, the jeepneys are only scheduled to travel within 9 in the morning until 3 in the afternoon. With 3 kilometers on your way to the resort, you will feel the cold breeze of air that tells you that you are near. Along the road, you will also get a chance to take a glimpse of the ‘Marang’ fruit which is common and most available locally in the place.
Patag Silay City Dam Falls

Though the road is not concrete thoroughly, you will still be sure that the road is well-paved. if you want to go for a day trip, we suggest riding the jeep from Silay at exactly 9AM so that you will be able to reach the place by 10. Then you have at least five hours to explore the place which I bet will not be enough.

What to do there?

Things to do in Patag Falls, Silay City

Someone who is planning to go there is basically someone who is looking for an adventure, relaxation with nature, group and family bonding, trekking, or a green escape. Either reason that you will that will drive you to go there is great. If you love trekking we suggest going to both falls and always take a dip at the water and be relaxed. If you just want to relax or bond with a group of friends or family, just bring a tent and barbecue and we are sure that you will find great bonding there. If you are not into adventure but you just want to escape from your busy work, you can also rent one of the cottages in any resort and you can enjoy pool dipping instead with a great view of nature.

Ladlad: Food and Accommodation

Patag Silay City Dam
Ladlad being the well-known resort in Patag will give you the most accommodation that you need. For a P20.00 entrance fee for each person,you will already be able to use the pool. Day cottage is available for only P150 while night cottages ranges from P500-P2000. Bring your own tent and set it up on their campsite for only P100. Though bringing outside foods is allowed, there is also a convenient store inside the resort for your needs.

There is no cooked foods available there so better bring your own. In any case, they also offer to cook your food for P220 service fee that does not include the ingredients. If you haven’t brought any, they have available native chicken for sale at most P200 each and they also sell rice. Tourist guide will be available for hire for P250 per falls but is negotiable.

Our Experience

El Ideal Silay City
Starting off at 6 in the morning in Bacolod City, we were able to reach Silay City at 7AM. Since the first trip to Patag is at 9AM, we decided to take our breakfast at El Ideal, the oldest bakery in Silay City, and take a quick view of the city. By 9Am we take a jeepney ride to Patag for an hour. We decided just a day trip so we haven’t prepared that much. We didn’t even bring foods.
Patag Silay City Experience
When we got there, we immediately paid entrance fee at the resort and hire a tour guide. Then we enjoyed ourselves taking a swim in the falls plus we were able to trek the first layer of the dam falls since it will be more dangerous to climb to the second layer. We also have filled ourselves with pictures with different poses. After two hours we went to the back part of the resort where the green grass grow all around with the pine trees to fill our memory cards with pictures. It really made our day and even for a short period of time, we were able to fulfil our hearts desire for a #GreenEscape. And hey, we managed to ride on the top of the jeepney when we went home by 3PM. It was fun.
Patag Pine Trees

For reservations and accommodations, contact the Ladlad Resort management at (+63)920-600-4035. If you need assistance or suggestions from us, you can reach as at (+63)998-151-6297 or via email at or just leave a comment below.

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