This myth is from Mindoro in RegionĀ IV.

kapre of balete
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One moonlight night in the barrio of Balete, the woman of the house hearf an eerie sound never heard before. The sound came from the backyard which was planted with tall tress. Overcome with fear, the woman did not dare to find out what it was. The following night, the same noise coming from the same direction was heard again. The mother felt alone for no one else in the family was awake.

Through a slit on the floor, she peeped to find out if their dog was around for if it there was really anybody coming, the dog would bark. The dog was under the stairs but it had remained silent. After some moments, the dog whined long and loud. This awakened and scared all the other members of the household. No one dared to go out and find out what it was.

The next morning, they found the dog gone. It could not be found in the whole vicinity. The next evening while ironing some clothes, the woman was alarmed to find a handful of soil laid on one end of the ironing board. Who could have placed it there? Again she heard the weird sound. This time she mustered enough courage and peeped through a small opeining of the window facing the backyard. There she beheld man of enormous size as black as coal. He smoked a roll of tobacco as big as banana trunk thick eith smoke ad thiugh coming from a chimney. His largr eyes seemed to be focused on her. She woke up her companions and peeped again. The creature was gone. What the woman saw was believed to be a kapre. Not long after this, the family abanfoned the placr and settled in another barrio.

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