The Legend of Lanzones

Long time ago, there once lived a very beautiful maiden in a small barrio named “Karilag”. She is with her father Lum-ao and mother Birehna.

Karilag is not only beauty, she’s also kind which made her famous all over the barrio. Because of that, many young men wanted to get her as their wife, but there is only one man who passed on Karilag’s qualifications and that is Kasim a farmer.

Kasim marry Karilag, and they were both happy. He go to his farm everyday while her wife stay in their house and do her task as a simple housewife. They were contented.

One day their happiness end when Tamaru – a rich man in the barrio who happened to be the suitor of Karilag ordered a grouped of men to abduct her. He is mad to her becaused of being taken for granted. He raped her and kill her and bury her in the farm of Kasim.
On the other hand, Kasim was very disturbed when he was not able to find her wife at home, so he searched for Karilag all over the barrio but he was not able to find her. He was not able to go farm anymore becaused he searched for his wife for almost three months already. Then one day, he give up in searching and back to his farm. In his surprised, he found out that there is a fruit tree that grew there, he tasted one of its fruit but on his great dismay, the fruit is not sweet, so he decided to cut it off but becaused he was very tired, he feel a sleep, while he was sleeping, he dreamed of his wife Karilag, talking to him. “Kasim my dear husband” I’m on that tree, I was killed by Tamaru, but pleased don’t askfor revenged, just take good care of that fruit tree for with that, I will be with you forever.

After that incident, Kasim exerted his effort in taking good care of the tree. His there to guard it night and day, water it, and then talk with it as if its wife Karilag.

Morning of October, Kasim went to his farm to visit the fruit tree. He was surprised becaused the fruit was already yellow in color (ripen) so he tried one and he was very happy becaused its already sweet and delicious. He let the barrio folks to taste it and like Kasim they all like its taste, Kasim told them that the fruit is a simple remembrance of his wife Karilag, like here wife the fruit is sweet. After that the barrio folks planted the seeds of the fruit, which they named “Buahan” from the word “Bulahan”.


Once upon a time, there are many tourists who came in Camiguin because they want to know what Camiguin is, because of the attractive spots of this place they didn’t know where they going to. In short they lost.

In few weeks, they encounter unexpected circumstances in this place. They had no already foods to be eat. So they find way so that they can eat. They work and walk for finding their foods until they saw a one child and a one bird that eat the fruit. They observed it of what happened in eating that kind of fruits. In a few minutes after observing, they prove that there is no happened in the health of the child and the bird. They are very interested to taste that fruit because in their mind that maybe it can poison.

In a mean while, fairy came. “You can eat this fruit; it is very sweet and delicious to be eaten. The name of this fruit is Lanzones” the fairy said. The tourist challenge to taste the fruit, and when they taste it they are together saying “wow! How nice this fruit its very sweet” because of the very delicious fruit, they eat and eat until they surrender.

Because of the circumstances happened that the tourist witness how Lanzones fruit is delicious, they believed the Lanzones festival celebrate because it praise the abundant harvest of this fruit, and this is one tradition of the Camiguingnons people.

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