A distinct flavor of Filipino culture is found in the streets. Whatever your station in life is, chances are you have had your share of Filipino street food – Adidas, tenga, isaw, barbeque and kwek kwek are just some of the delicacies that are readily available for everyone’s gastric enjoyment.

The So-Good with Filipino Streetfoods: That ‘Isaw’ Moment

Filipino Street Foods
In Morayta, where the review centers and universities abound, there is the “Hepa lane”. This term is from “hepatitis”, a condition that is evidenced by the yellowing of the skin of the human body. The medical field urges people to be wary of the street food that is improperly prepared, or utensils that are not well washed, but this warning though heeded by the general public, is not enough to stop the flow of people who flock to the stalls to partake of their favorite dishes.

Nowadays, with the emphasis on health, vendors and stalls offering Filipino street food are ensuring hygienic practices in order to protect themselves, and their “suki” (patrons) from contracting any kind of disease. The traditional way of preparing foods however, grilling over open fire, dipping in rice sauces, and eating off from the sticks still remain.

But what is the real attraction of Filipino street foods?

Good flavor, better sauces

With our natural love for good food, seasoning of food that are sold in open stalls is assured. The meat is tasty, and the sauces that are prepared are each distinct and helps to add to the great food flavor

Fullness without the financial “pain”

Street foods are popular not only because they taste good, but because they are filling and fits everyone’s budget. If you check out the kind of people who frequent these stalls, you will find out that most of the clientele are students, and those struggling to make a decent living every day. In the midst you will find the yuppies and the AB crowd – what they all have in common is the natural love of good food.

The Filipino Street Food Experience

Just like the allure of hawker’s stalls in Hongkong and Singapore, eating Filipino street food is a unique experience – the sounds and sights, people all roaming about or spread around a stall enjoying their sticks of favorite dishes is like immersing yourself in a part of the Filipino heritage. It evokes a time of relaxation and chilling out, possibly from a stressful day at work, or just away from the pressures of the day.


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